About Kevin

3-17 Kevin

Kevin Stephany served as President of Toastmasters in Unity in Mount Laurel, New Jersey from 2008– 2009 and again in 2010. In addition he was the Select Distinguished Area Governor for Toastmasters International District 38 Area 5D concurrently from 2008 – 2009. He has been a regular contributor to “From the Front Porch: The Official Newsletter of the Historical Society of Moorestown” in Moorestown, NJ since 2006. Kevin is also co-instructor of a class on Human Resource Management for Small Business that is part of the Entrepreneurial Development Program at the Latin American Economic Development Association in Camden, New Jersey. Kevin also co-coordinated and presented several seminars for job seekers hosted by Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, New Jersey.

Kevin was one of the Group Organizers for the South Jersey Writer’s Group. He served as one of their Critique Group Leaders.

Kevin also writes fiction in his spare time. He’s working on several novels.

Kevin can be contacted via email at kevsteph@aol.com.



  1. I just read your bio with great interest. I’m a current member of His Toastmasters Voice in Mt. Laurel. We meet at Lockheed Martin. Love the group and the program. Are you still involved with TM?
    –Joan 🙂

    1. Joan:

      I haven’t been involved with Toastmasters for several years.

      It’s interesting you mention them. Back in 2008 I contacted then Mount Laurel Mayor John Drinkard. I asked that he declare October Toastmasters International Anniversary Month in town. He and the Town Council passed a resolution. At the time I was Area 5D Governor. He presented the proclamation to me at the Fall Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest held in Mount Laurel.

      I tell people: “Mothers do a lot for society. There’s one Mother’s Day. Trees are important. There’s one Arbor Day. Toastmasters means so much to the Mount Laurel community that we get a whole month dedicated to us.”

      Thanks for reading my blog and Happy Toastmasters International Anniversary Month!



      1. Thanks so much for responding Kevin. No one in my club mentioned the October Anniversary in Mt. Laurel, so I wonder if they know. I’ll bring it up at our next meeting in a couple of weeks! Of course, you’re always welcome to visit us anytime if you would like.
        –Joan 🙂

  2. Hi Kevin. Tonight is the last night of “Jesus Christ Superstar” for the Collingswood Community Theatre company at the Scottish Rite in Collingswood. Would love to see what you think about the show if you could make it.

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