Restaurant Review – Throwbacks Bar and Grill – Delran, NJ

I haven’t had the best dining experiences lately. Between the screaming children, 55 gallon drums of vegetable soup and the $11 can of spinach that took an hour-and-a-half to prepare, I really felt the need to throw one back. While out one day I made the adventitious discovery of Throwbacks Bar and Grill in Delran, NJ. Feeling that this may be destiny calling, I stopped in.

It had nice décor for a sports bar. Big screen televisions flanked the room so all patrons could see them. The bar had an odd shape similar to a square route symbol. As service turned out to be excellent I suspected this design facilitated customer service.

Throwbacks used a theme menu with the appearance of an old time newspaper. The company logo appeared faintly in the background. I thought that a very nice touch.

As far as I’m concerned no “bar and grill” has the right to use that expression unless they can make a good Reuben. Throwbacks earned it. They prepared the most interesting one I’ve ever had. I can’t recall ever having one on whole grain bread. The preparer didn’t drown it in Russian Dressing, either. The sandwich had just enough to add the proper flavor. I never would’ve expected a bar to come up with a way to make a Reuben seem healthy.

It came with a side of cole slaw, pickle and French Fries. The later were thinner that the ones I’m used to eating in bars, but they tasted great. I thought the $9.99 price tag for this platter perfectly reasonable.

I liked the place so much I stopped by again for lunch. This time I ordered the Crab Cake Sandwich Lunch Combo. This was another great value at $10.00. I thought the crab tasted a bit plain, but the cocktail sauce spiced it up for me. It came with the same things I listed above plus an option of soup of the day, chili or salad. I opted for the soup of the day and it just happened to be (gulp!) Vegetable Soup. They did serve it in a cup as advertised. The chef prepared it with more pepper than other vegetable soups I’ve had. The broth had just the right pop.

The staff conducted themselves in an exceptional manner. I received my crab cake sandwich with cocktail sauce. My server offered to get me some tartar sauce without my having to ask her for it.

I know I’ve raised an issue about dining around screaming children in an earlier review I wrote. Ironically, on one of my trips to Throwbacks a child started wailing. In this case, the woman behind the bar asked if she could provide ice or assist in some way. Another server went over to see if she could do anything to help. This showed some outstanding customer service that entailed going beyond my normal expectations. I give the staff a lot of credit for it.

Since Throwbacks is a bar, I should point out that they serve the usual array of beer on tap. I drank iced tea as it contains about the same amount of alcohol as domestic beers. (For people outside the United States who are reading this: that’s not far from the truth.)

Throwbacks served up a great dining experience. I anticipate returning to this sports bar once Football season gets underway. Depending on how the Eagles season goes, I may be drinking something a little stronger than iced tea. I might also be screaming louder than the children, as well.