Bob Dylan Named 2016 Nobel Literature Laureate

“Things have changed” for who’s eligible to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. The 2016 award went to American singer/songwriter Bob Dylan. Why did the Swedish Academy award it to a lyricist? The answer is “blowin’ in the wind.” Mr. Dylan must think it’s an “idiot wind.” To date he hasn’t responded to the committee’s efforts to get in touch with him. Through this “simple twist of fate” Bob Dylan has found himself the center of an unlikely controversy.

Perhaps, Mr. Dylan thinks some “jokerman” notified him about this honor. I’m sure “it ain’t me, babe” would’ve been his first reaction.

Since the Nobel Prize is a lifetime achievement award, it may be showing him that he’s not “forever young.” Of all people, he should know what matters is feeling “young at heart.”

Or maybe he’s thinking that by ignoring it, “I shall be released” from accepting it. “Most likely you’ll go your way and I’ll go mine” if he doesn’t answer the Swedish Academy’s requests. To be fair: They’re simply saying “’I want you’ to accept, Mr. Dylan. ‘All I really want to do’ is award you the prize. We’ve ‘got to serve somebody’ with it.” Mr. Dylan may reply, “’If not for you’, I wouldn’t be in this situation!”

I can understand if the announcement put Mr. Dylan in a “melancholy mood.” The news swept through the internet like a “hurricane.” From some of the reactions I read from novelists, I worried the “man in the long black coat” would have him “knocking on Heaven’s door” soon. I don’t blame him for seeking “shelter from the storm” the media frenzy caused.

This year’s selection of singer/songwriter Bob Dylan for the Nobel Prize in Literature shows just how much “the times they are ‘a changin’.”As for me, I’m “pledging my time” to encouraging Mr. Dylan to accept this award. I don’t want him to look back on this and think “I threw it all away.” “One of us must know sooner or later” whether he will or not. But he earned it, so it’s his decision. I’d tell him that if he opts to turn it down: “Don’t think twice. It’s alright.”


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