In Memoriam – Pink Floyd

August 16, 2015 marks a time of “sorrow”, but a “great day for freedom” for David Gilmour, apparently. He decided it was “time” to “run like hell” from Pink Floyd; a band he’d played with for the last 48 years. “Wot’s…uh the deal?” I knew it had to happen “one of these days”, but I’m “lost for words.” He’s made similar comments before, but this time he says it’s “absolutely curtains.” I harbored “high hopes” the band would reunite following the release of 2014’s The Endless River: the first occassion we’ve heard “signs of life” from the group since Live 8. I’m upset that album will serve as “the final cut”.

Does Mr. Gilmour have “brain damage”? Dave, “hey you”! Before you “have a cigar” I “wish you were here” “in the flesh”. “What do you what from me?” you wonder. I’d like you to “take it back.” Alright, I need to “breathe.” I’ll get “comfortably numb” soon. For now, I have some things to say “on the turning away” from one of rock’s greatest groups.

Pink Floyd’s fans were like “sheep”. We’ll all “remember a day” we first heard them. From then on out it was “us and them”. Those were “the happiest day of our lives”. They were “one of the few” iconic bands of my generation. Their influence is undeniable; one can hear “echoes” of their sound anytime a guitar player picks the strings between the “empty spaces” on a Fender Stratocaster. “What shall we do now?”

We’ve been “round and around” this before. I hope Mr. Gilmour reconsiders before he goes to “the great gig in the sky”. “It would be so nice.” Maybe the band will be “coming back to life” at some point. While I think the guys are “poles apart” I’ll “keep talking” about how “the show must go on”. The way things look now, another Pink Floyd album won’t come out until we see “pigs on the wing”.


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