My Life with Cinnamon

Since I added some photos, I’m re-blogging this piece.

Kevin Stephany's Critique Compendium

Kevin and Cinnamon 110-12 Cinnamon and KevinKevin and Cinnamon 4

Most dogs beg for attention. I’ve got a pooch that begs to give attention.

A little over a month ago, my Dad and Step-Mom decided it was time for a new addition to the family. They went out and purchased a “Shorkie” puppy whom they named Cinnamon. For dog aficionados, Shorkies are a “designer breed.” If you’re a commoner like me, Cinnamon is just a plain old mutt. She’s a combination of Yorkshire Terrier and Shih-Tsu. That dual heritage would explain why she’s always at my feet when I’m drinking tea and barks whenever I read an issue of The Economist critical of Chinese trade policies.

At first I felt jealous of her arrival. I could no longer boast about having the best hair in the house. My envy quickly went away. As she doesn’t shed, she’s a good breed for allergy sufferers like me. I like that, but I’m…

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