Restaurant Review – The Pub in Pennsauken, NJ

The coats of arms on the walls made me feel as though dining in a castle during the Middle Ages. When first seated I wondered if I’d be sent to the dungeon if I displeased the staff. Fortunately, the crew at the Pub didn’t feel the need to torture me. They did, however, go medieval on my wallet.

The company uses the slogan, “Everything Extravagant Except the Prices.” I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree on that one. I also found it interesting that line appears on their web site, yet it doesn’t show any of their prices. I had to make a decision as to whether I wanted to order sea food, or if I wanted to have enough money to buy groceries for the rest of the week. This call turned out to be much easier than I thought. I love Italian and like chicken. I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana.

The $18.99 price tag was a bit higher than what I’m accustomed to paying for Chicken Parmigiana. To be fair, it also included unlimited access to the Pub’s legendary salad bar. I helped myself to both the regular and Caesar Salads. I also sampled the Three Bean Salad. All tasted freshly prepared and excellent. While I didn’t try it myself, a woman in my party complimented the apple sauce’s “chunky” texture.

As pricey as I thought the meal, I can’t complain I didn’t get my money’s worth. It came on a huge plate; at least I’m assuming they served it on a plate. The monumental quantity of food served obscured the dish. The meal had a sweet taste to it; almost as though the chef prepared it in some kind of syrup. While different, I enjoyed it. It should go without saying that I couldn’t finish this helping.

The server displayed outstanding customer service when she personally boxed up my meal for me. I’ve haven’t had a server do that in years. Mine also boxed up another gentleman in my party’s meal as well.

I went to the Pub with a group of 20 people. The staff accommodated us without any trouble. They set aside three tables for us so everyone had plenty of room. As we attended on a Saturday night the building became very crowded. With that noted, I didn’t have any trouble getting through the main dining room to the salad bar and back. I didn’t worry about bumping into anyone or accidentally spilling anything on unsuspecting diners. I give the management great credit for the layout.

My trip to the Men’s Room made me very uncomfortable. The Pub is the only establishment I’ve ever dined at that employs a Men’s Room Attendant. I don’t understand why. In an era with motion activated hand dryers I don’t see the need for someone to hand me a towel after I wash my hands. While I tipped the gentleman, I viewed the tip dish a cheap means of pressuring me to pay for having to use the facilities. Overall, I just find the idea of someone just sitting in the rest room while patrons answer nature’s call rather weird.

Another issue I had concerned the menu itself. They offered a sea food dish specifically described as “for two.” As it cost over sixty dollars, that didn’t sound totally out of the ballpark for fish. It confused me because directly across from it the menu stated “No Sharing”. I wondered: if they can’t write the menu properly, are they going to be able to get my group’s orders straight? On the later we had no issues.

While pricey, The Pub does offer quality meals. They serve much larger portions than I typically see at other restaurants. In essence, customers receive more than one meal out of the order. Between that and the salad bar, people do get their money’s worth. Just be prepared to cash in your 401(k) before walking in there.

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