My Life with Cinnamon

Kevin and Cinnamon 110-12 Cinnamon and KevinKevin and Cinnamon 4

Most dogs beg for attention. I’ve got a pooch that begs to give attention.

A little over a month ago, my Dad and Step-Mom decided it was time for a new addition to the family. They went out and purchased a “Shorkie” puppy whom they named Cinnamon. For dog aficionados, Shorkies are a “designer breed.” If you’re a commoner like me, Cinnamon is just a plain old mutt. She’s a combination of Yorkshire Terrier and Shih-Tsu. That dual heritage would explain why she’s always at my feet when I’m drinking tea and barks whenever I read an issue of The Economist critical of Chinese trade policies.

At first I felt jealous of her arrival. I could no longer boast about having the best hair in the house. My envy quickly went away. As she doesn’t shed, she’s a good breed for allergy sufferers like me. I like that, but I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea that I might start losing my hair and the dog never will.

After Cinnamon joined us I did a little research on Shorkies. One article I read described them as “friendly.” The word understatement comes to mind. She belongs to my Dad and Step-Mom and spends most of her day with them. When I come home, she races to the door and tries to lunge her fourteen inch frame all over me. When I lean down she smothers me with kisses for a good fifteen minutes. You read that right: she kisses me for a good fifteen minutes. Whenever I go into another room and then return, she doesn’t miss me as much. At those times she kisses me enthusiastically for only ten minutes.

A new thing that Cinnamon likes to do is to jump on top of me and go to sleep. Whenever I’m lying on the floor (aka procrastinating from writing) she’ll hop on my chest and doze off. I think it interesting that she does this on her own without being tempted with treats or anything. Besides, I don’t think my chest is that comfortable a mattress.

I’ve never heard of a dog that goes out of its way to shower attention on people. Cinnamon does it. If you’re a dog lover and are looking for a pet that will provide you with companionship, you may want to look into a Shorkie. Just be forewarned: based on the way Cinnamon follows people all over the house, I’m not sure how one would handle a restraining order.



  1. People have asked me the origin of Cinnamon’s name. They want to know if it has something to do with my family living in Cinnaminson. While we all enjoy the Cinnaminson Cinnabon, my step-mom assures me she chose the name to reflect the color of Cinnamon’s fur. Thanks for the question.

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