Restaurant Review – Zio’s Tuscan Grille

Zio’s Tuscan Grille in Cinnaminson, NJ does Italian right.  They offer a wide variety of appealing dishes. They prepare so many, in fact, that it took me several minutes to get through the entire menu. As a huge fan of Italian cuisine, I would’ve struggled to select one from the multitude of options. The tyranny of choice ended up giving way to rather easy decision for me. As an even bigger fan of sea food, my eye locked on the Linguini with Shrimp and Crabmeat. With the ability to combine my two favorite types of food at one meal, I relished the opportunity to try it.

 The quality of the meal lived up to my expectations. The shrimp tasted good and juicy. It’s been a long time since I’ve had crabmeat, and the kind that came with this meal made the wait well worthwhile. The sauce had just the right seasoning. The chef prepared the pasta flawlessly. The server brought over some hot pepper seasoning and parmesan cheese. As I had the option of how much pepper to add, I gave my meal just the right kick. The dish tasted fantastic. I’d highly recommend and would be delighted to try it again.

Seafood dishes always cost a bit more than other meals. I thought the quality of the meal justified the price on its own. However, this one also came with salad. I thought the lettuce very fresh and tasty. I added Zio’s balsamic dressing. When my server offered it, I thought I’d be receiving a balsamic vinaigrette house dressing. Not so. The one she served me had a thicker texture and possessed a brownish hue. I found this dressing much more flavorful that I expected. The proper amount of vinegar gave it the right tangy taste. I don’t typically go out to eat and comment on the quality of the salad dressing. For this I give Zio’s major kudos.

Zio’s served two different types of bread: both outstanding. The one circular in shape had a cheesy flavor to it. I liked it because I could taste the cheese without feeling like a Danish exploded in my mouth. Once again, Zio’s found the right combination. The flat bread contained some Italian herbs on the outside and the flavor of olive oil on the inside. I liked this bread, but would’ve preferred just a touch of some kind of spice. That would’ve made it perfect.

The only criticism I can offer of my visit there involved the beverages. I thought the iced tea too watery. I didn’t care for the quality of the water, either. It tasted like regular tap water. As someone who drinks a lot of bottled water, I found it significantly different from what I’m used to. Zio’s doesn’t serve alcohol, they are a BYOB establishment. Obviously, there’s a very easy way for patrons to deal with the beverage issue.  

I enjoyed my trip to Zio’s Tuscan Grille. They served Italian right and at the right price.      The service, atmosphere and quality of the food all impressed me. The next time I can’t make up my mind between eating Italian or having sea food, there’s one place that will be on my short list for dinner.



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